The Board

The SkiCarpool Board

Our board is a dedicated group of volunteers, working for a clean solution to I-70 traffic congestion problems. They are:
  • Glenn Lieberman - Glenn is the founder of SkiCarpool and also the Executive Director. Glenn has put many hours 'coding and calling' into SkiCarpool and has made many new ski buddies using the service.
  • Sue Prant- With over 20 years in alternative transportation nonprofit organizations, Sue brings her expertise to SkiCarpool working with local and regional governments, helping us get funding and acquiring our nonprofit status.
  • Chris Hagelin - Chris is our carpool guru. He's written papers on how to make carpool matching services work. We are really lucky to have him!
  • Karen Worminghaus - Karen is the founder, director and workhorse behind Boulder Car Share. Karen's long commitment to sustainability is matched only by the long volunteer hours she dedicates to the cause.
  • Tracy Foster - Tracy lives in the mountains and loves to ski and play in them. Tracy works for Boulder East, a transportation management organization that helps people carpool, telecommute, bike and use public transit.
  • Karl Hanzel - Karl is a longtime environmentalist who has built a model off the grid, sustainable home.